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Know our Relationship

Since most of the middle age group as well as younger generations do not know our relationship murai, we try to outline the known details here.

There are basically two divisions (broad groups) known as Vadakku Theru and Therkku Theru in Vadaseri. These two divisions also known as Pandi Thevar and Azhaga Thevar, comprise 14 groups known as Karai. Until recently there were only 12 karais and now it has been expanded to 14 karais to include ALL our relatives. Within each Karai, there will be one or more family sub groups known as veedu like Senga Veedu, Punniya Veedu, Theethan Veedu, Azhakatchi Veedu etc. Each one of us is uniquely identified by this veedu category. And thats why if you are identified as Vadaserian, next question asked will be Yaar Veedu Neenga.

All people belonging to each veedu are called Pangaligal. This pangaligal does not mean in real sense having rights to have share in the properties but any function/problem is attended/solved by the participation of these pangalis.Probably all the present day families in a Veedu (pangali group) may be the descendants of a single family of about 10 generations back.

All Pangaligals are brothers and sisters. Within each division we have brotherly relationships. That is all Veedu within a division are Pangaligal. Between the divisions (Therkku Theru and Vadakku Theru), we have marital relationships. That is, a person in a division is having maamaa / matchan or aththai murai for a person belonging to the other division. 

'Vadaseri Naadu' means all the 14 karais. These 14 karai belongs to only our Agamudyar community.

This Vadaseri Naadu is the local governing body (Naatu Panchayat) of our village.It was a very powerful body/court and all people live in the village obey its decision like in other villages. As people mentality has changed, this body is functioning now for name sake. But one good thing is Vadaseri Naadu gives Mudhal Mariyaadhai to veliyur persons in all Village functions.

Since most of us were mainly engaged in agriculture activities, belonging to the same community with good population, its so happened that all marriage relationships are established only among our village community and so each family will be some how related to each family in our village. Since all our relatives lived in the same village, every one participates in everybodys functions and we still try to maintain the same habit in Chennai and other places too. Let us hope the generations to come will also follow and maintain the same bindings.